Robin Hill Victory Garden

The Robin Hill Victory Garden gives veterans a chance to get outdoors and work with other veterans and their families. Every veteran (or dependent) is assigned a garden plot and provided with the resources and assistance to maintain their site. Besides providing food for their families, these garden plots, along with our public garden area provide a means for promoting the amazing effects of ecotherapy and overall sense of well-being.


This year (2014), our public garden produced over 800 pounds of potatoes and hundreds of little giant and sweet pumpkins. The potatoes went directly to the veterans and their families who worked throughout the year to keep their gardens looking wonderful. After taking what they needed, around 400 pounds of potatoes were donated by our gardeners to the local stand down held by Voices for Veterans, of Clallam County.

After gathering pumpkins for their families, all of the left-over pumpkins were donated to the Peninsula Behavioral Health, Children’s Program and the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of Port Angeles and Sequim, Washington.

Our 2014 Garden Adventure

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 Directions to the Garden

unnamedTo get to the Robin Hill Victory garden, take Old Olympic Highway and turn onto Vautier Rd (Eastbound from P.A.-turn right…Westbound from Sequim-turn left).  The garden will be at the end of the paved road. 

A big thank you goes our to Franc Winkley, Curtis Sherwood, Mike Gooch and Rick and Margaret Yates for their donations this year. You folks have helped make this garden a success. Thank you all!!