Robin Hill Victory Garden Pumpkin Pick for Boys and Girls Club of Sequim

Over 20+ children between the ages of 8-11yrs old were introduced to pumpkins on the vine at the Victory Garden of local veterans on Sept 19th. Several volunteers from the

Each boy and girl were allowed to peruse the rows in order to find ‘just the right pumpkin’ for them.  Volunteers from the North West Veterans Resource Center and G.A.V.E. cut the pumpkins from the vine for the children and other volunteers even sacrificed their own clothing in order to ‘shine’ the pumpkins for the proud pumpkin-aires.  There were exclamations of surprise when the children realized the vines, leaves and even the stems of pumpkins are endowed with sharp little spikes. A learning experience all around, considering the volunteers were bemoaning the fact that they hadn’t worn long sleeves for the task!  Sept 19 boys and girls1 Sept 19 boys and girls2 Sept 19 boys and girls3


Next up….The Boys and Girls Club of Port Angeles!  The rest of the pumpkins will be harvested and taken to the Children’s Clinic in Port Angeles.     More fun photos to follow!